The Loft

 A few years ago we built The Copper Loft . Not exactly rustic but very much in the traditional style. The ceilings are high and the spaces are open.

The main floor has a wide open center section thirty six feet wide by sixty feet long with a twelve foot high ceiling. The modern design allows the entire space to unobstructed by support posts. This gives the room a great open feeling.

The second floor “Brides Lounge” has the traditional “hip-roof” shape with the ceiling reaching thirteen feet high at the peak. Again as on the main floor, there are no obstructions. It will be the perfect spot for the bride and her maids to get ready for the big event. Her area has over a thousand square feet to get ready in with custom makeup tables, mirrors and a lounge to relax in.

Dormers and Cupolas add space and light to her area as well as the huge south windows. It will be a space that she falls in love with.

Heavily insulated, the space is easy to keep comfortable in the dead of winter or the heat of summer.

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  • A local landmark from the day it was built