The Gardens


The Horseshoe Garden and Aspen Grove

Aside from plantings along the property frontage, the Horseshoe garden was our first major garden project.

We had already planted a row of evergreens along the east fence and it was well established.

The yard itself was framed with a large arch shaped planting area that was then filled in with a great variety of trees and flowering shrubs with the intention of having something blooming in the garden for as much of the growing season as possible.

In amongst the plantings there are still enough evergreens that the garden still looks impressive even in winter.

The north end of the garden has a rose arbor that opens into the Quaking Aspen garden.

The fence line here to has well established evergreens and many other trees on the edges.

The Aspens stand guard over a huge birdcage at the north end. The cage is circular ten feet wide and over twelve feet tall in stainless steel tubing.

  • The Upper Garden

The Terraced Garden

Here we started by shaping terraces in the hillside between the upper and lower areas.

Then we supported the levels by building rock walls with loads of rock from local quarries.

A lot of rock walls.

Once the walls were finished we began planting on each level with a variety of trees and plants. Now well established, the terraces frame the lower grass area nicely.

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  • The Terraced Garden

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