The Market

There are a lot of things locally that work in favor of a new venue.

First the Bellingham International Airport has recently been expanded and now has cheaper direct flights to vacation destinations than either SeaTac or Vancouver International just north of the border.

There has also been an increase in available affordable hotel accommodations representing national chains. As a result people from the Greater Seattle area and Greater Vancouver area to the north are more inclined to travel to our area.

In the last few years there has been an interest in Garden and Barn Style weddings. Being able to offer both will be a huge plus in our favor.

Other venues locally typically limit their wedding seasons from the first of June to the middle of September due to weather. That means forty five available dates if they run Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Some only do one event per weekend.

Having both an indoor and outdoor venue will not only extend our season to virtually the entire year more than triples our available dates. It also puts us in a unique “full feature” location.

Also among the local venues there have been some shrinkage of available venues as some have closed.

Below are some of the local venues together with what is typically been spent at each location per event.

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