Under The Copper Roof

The Brides Lounge

Our immaculate Bridal Parlor is the perfect place for the Bride and her best girls to get their hair and makeup done. Spend the day in the Bridal Parlor sipping champagne and getting pampered – an experience sure to make any bride feel extra special on her big day.

The Men’s Lounge

For the groom and his guys, they will get ready in Dad’s Waiting Room and then move out to the comfortable Bistro/Bar. Here we have a long curved bar and comfortable seating all with white marble tops. A great place to hang out, wait for the bride and the big moment. We create the perfect ambiance for the big day.

Dad’s Waiting Room

Once the groom and his guys are done getting ready, the lounge becomes what it truly was intended for, Dad’s Waiting Room. For the father of the bride there is a sophisticated study furnished with comfortable chairs, and filled with items that are sure to invoke memories of watching his little girl grow into the woman she is. We pamper dad too.

Our Goal

At The Copper Loft we strive to make your wedding day amazing. We’ll work with the vendors you choose to make things go a smoothly as possible.

Right now as we work to complete the remodel we are not able to offer a “full service package.” That said, we’ll work with the wedding planner you choose and do our best to coordinate with them throughout the event.

The Copper Loft is working on being the place where you can feel great as you begin the next phase of life. We’ll do our best to make it so that when your day comes, you can show up and enjoy the day.

The Copper Loft will do whatever we can to make your event everything you want it to be.

Venue Spaces Available

The Terraced Garden

The Horseshoe Garden

The Aspen Grove

The Copper Loft

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