The Brides Lounge

Our immaculate Bridal Parlor is the perfect place for the Bride and her best girls to get their hair and makeup done. Spend the day in the Bridal Parlor sipping champagne and getting pampered – an experience sure to make any bride feel extra special on her big day.

Groom’s Lounge

For the groom and his guys we create the perfect ambiance for the big day. The lounge is complete with enough mirror to make sure they look perfect and enough to entertain them while they wait for the bride and her party.

Dad’s Waiting Room

For the father of the bride there is a sophisticated study furnished with comfortable chairs, and filled with items that are sure to invoke memories of watching his little girl grow into the woman she is. We pamper dad too.

Services Available

At The Copper Loft we strive to be as much or as little as you need to make your event be everything you want it to be. As such we can offer the package that best suits your desires.

If you want to just rent the venue and arrange everything else yourself, we can make that happen. However The Copper Loft can also offer much, much more.  We can offer a full service package that includes




Floral Arrangements

Full service staff

On site coordinator

Wedding cake

Table linens

Place settings

Alcohol service

Cleaning crew

In short The Copper Loft can make it so all you have to do is pick what you’re wearing, send out invitations, show up and enjoy your day.

If you prefer to handle all the details yourself The Copper Loft staff can also recommend service providers from an extensive list of industry professionals:

Wedding Planners

Places to find the perfect gown

Suit and Tux rentals

Printers for invitations and stationary



Equipment Rentals

The Copper Loft will do whatever we can to make your event everything you want it to be.

Venue Spaces Available

The Terraced Garden

The Horseshoe Garden

The Aspen Grove

The Copper Loft

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