The Copper Loft

Our building may have a centuries old design however it is worlds away from any farm building. With high ceilings, wide unobstructed spaces and lots of French Country style, you and your guests will feel as though you’ve been transported to another time and place.

  • A local landmark from the day it was built

The Terraced Garden

Layers of trees form a natural audience for your event. Ancient Cedars anchor the well established plantings bring the beauty of the Northwest into your ceremony. On the side opposite the garden are natural year-round ponds and willow trees making this garden a truly intimate spot.

  • The Terraced Garden

The Aspen Grove

A grove of Quaking Aspens guard our twelve foot high bird cage. Surrounded by fir, cedar and maple trees make this a picturesque spot for ceremony or reception.

The Horseshoe Garden

So named for it’s shape, the Horseshoe garden is another unique spot separated from the outside world by a wall of mature fir trees on one side and an ancient cedar on the other. The huge open lawn is bordered by a pleasant mixer of trees and flowering shrubs that bring both seasonal change and interest.

  • The Upper Garden