About Us

Shelly and Jeff Sliger met each other at a police station. That sounds bad but they were both working there. Jeff had worked there before then came back

Jeff & Shelly Sliger

after a year. While he was gone the department had gone through some changes in personnel and Shelly was one of the new employees. The other officers thought of her as their little sister and knowing Jeff was coming back, took her aside and warned her not to fall for his charm.

Unaware of all this Jeff walked into the office his first night back and started to introduce himself to the new dispatcher. Before he uttered hello she pointed her finger at him and announced, “Look, I don’t like men, especially cops and especially you!”

They have now been married for more than forty-five years. Suffice it to say that Jeff isn’t afraid of a challenge.

They both left Law Enforcement when they started to raise their children and ended up running a small business located in Whatcom County, Washington. As many small business owners can attest to getting time away can be nearly impossible so they began to transform their property into gardens to help make it a pleasant place to be for their family.

It wasn’t until they attended their daughters wedding that it occurred to them that maybe they could turn their place into a wedding and event venue and share it with others.

Since that day they have built an extensive list of connections with local industry professionals to be sure that no detail is overlooked in opportating the top most unique event venue in the region.

They would love to make your event live up to your dreams.